For Carers


We recognise that Carers have needs too. 

That is why a Carers Outreach Development Worker is only a phone call away. We provide a bi-monthly meeting, newsletter and training where needed. If you require a Social Services Assessment for Community Care or Respite we can also arrange this for you.

Our African Caribbean Carers Support Group meets every two months, with schedule activities and outings arranged between meetings and is open to all carers who are of African Caribbean origin themselves or who look after and African Caribbean person.

Are you a Carer?

Some people may not identify themselves as carers and can feel isolated and unable to ask for help. Others do not wish to be called ‘carers.’  We realise that most care in the community is provided by family, friends and neighbours. Such people are referred to as ‘informal carers.’ and we believe that their needs and contribution should be recognised.

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